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Join a hands-on workshop program led by an experienced negotiator conducted in English.

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Date: 20 - 21 May 2024

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Who should attend Professional Negotiations with Krzysztof Sarnecki?

  • Business owners,
  • Board Members,
  • All levels of Management personnel,
  • Sales force representatives,
  • Purchasing department representatives.

These exceptionally practical and unique workshop cater to professionals engaged in negotiations within their respective fields. We particularly recommend attendance for:

When should you consider signing up for the Professional Negotiations workshop? Enroll in the negotiation workshop with Krzysztof Sarnecki if:

  • You have a strong desire for a top-tier negotiation workshop with hands-on-training approach.
  • You feel a real need for increasing effectiveness of your negotiations and lower your stress level.
  • You feel a need to improve your negotiation communication skills including English language specifics.
  • Your negotiations consistently fall short of expectations, leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated.
  • You find yourself employing negotiation tactics that yield no tangible results, leading to frustration for all parties involved.
  • You seek practical insights on resolving conflict situations within your team effectively.
  • You lack confidence in navigating international negotiation dynamics and you need to acquire broader knowledge of cultures you plan to negotiate with.
  • You aspire to learn techniques for diffusing challenging negotiation scenarios and achieving agreements more efficiently.

What topics are covered in the Professional Negotiations workshop?

  • The true and practical value of the win-win paradigm and its implementation at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.
  • Transformational Negotiations – concept and applicability.
  • Fundamental area: non-antagonizing communication knowledge and skills.
  • Fundamental concepts translated into practice - such as: BATNA, ZOPA, golden bridge, reservation value, negotiation matrix.
  • Thorough preparation for navigating the negotiation process with finesse.
  • Useful categorizations of negotiation personality types.
  • Characteristics of negotiations with representatives of various cultures - from Europe, USA, and Canada, through Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America.
  • PRACTICAL approach, with particular reference to the specific needs of the Participants.
  • Crafting various types of negotiation strategies.
  • Addressing various types of challenging situations in negotiations.

The workshop commence by debunking misconceptions and guiding participants towards the path of conducting win-win negotiations. We delve into the foundational principles of professional negotiations, addressing key concepts such as:

A substantial segment of our workshop is dedicated to effective communication, seamlessly transitioning into specific stages of the negotiation process. Moreover, we discuss challenging scenarios encountered in business negotiations, offering practical solutions based on real-life examples. All participants take part in negotiation training session modules.

What are the benefits of participating in the Professional Negotiations workshop?

  • Acquiring and/or improving negotiation skills at actual negotiation training sessions conducted during the workshop.
  • Acquiring and developing an array of negotiation’s algorithms to be used in communication processes.
  • Improving your English language skills in relation to specifics of negotiations.
  • Receiving answers from the trainer-negotiator to particular and specific negotiation related questions.
  • Thorough preparation for navigating the negotiation process with finesse, with a strong focus on all key aspects of international negotiations involving cultures and markets of workshop participants interest.
  • Immediate applicability of practical knowledge acquired during the training.

By engaging in our workshop, you'll experience:

As it's said, "51% of negotiation process should take place even before the discussions at the negotiation table begin.”

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Participation for the first individual from the Organization: 3,600 PLN + VAT

Participation for subsequent individuals from the same Organization: 3,300 PLN + VAT per person

A deposit of 1,000 PLN + VAT per person is required, payable eight days prior to the commencement of the workshop. The remaining balance must be settled within 7 days of workshop completion.

  • Participation in a two-day workshop,
  • Educational materials,
  • Personalized consultations with trainers during the workshop,
  • Certificate of completion,
  • Refreshments provided during breaks and lunch.

The fee covers:

Additional Information:

  • Accommodation

The fee does not cover:

  • 2 days, with each day spanning 8 hours.


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Krzysztof Sarnecki

An entrepreneur, strategic consultant, professional negotiator, and business trainer, Krzysztof Sarnecki boasts extensive expertise in marketing, sales, and effective management.Professional background with over 30 years of managerial experience, Krzysztof is a seasoned businessman and co-owner of QUEST Change Managers. He has served as an advisor to numerous boards of Polish and international companies, primarily in the United States, making him one of Poland's foremost professional negotiators. Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, he excels as a strategic consultant and business trainer, specializing in building competitive advantages for companies and optimizing marketing strategies.Krzysztof is the visionary behind the largest educational center for Polish expatriates – the Academy of Business & Career Development in Chicago, USA. He is credited with pioneering the nonlinear Generation V Sales approach, as well as introducing the concept of Non-Antagonizing Communication. Moreover, he developed the innovative SixPack English method for language learning.A graduate of the University of Illinois and The UIC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies in Chicago, Krzysztof further honed his skills through the MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

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